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If interested in any books please text me and we can arrange something (2892281178). I will with you to meet in person at either the NOTL or Welland campus between 12-5 on days that work for us both to finish the sale.

Cash only.

Canadian Business and the Law _ Photo1 2


Canadian Business and the Law (6th Ed)

Array September 13, 2018 552 total views, 3 today

Bought new, in near brand new condition. No marks or highlights inside. Comparable to Amazons selling price of $120. Best offer. Canadian Business and the […]

Basic Statistics _ Photo1 2


Basic Statistics: For Business & Economics

Array September 13, 2018 1223 total views, 7 today

Basic Statistics : For Business & Economics (5th Canadian Edition) by Lind, Marchal, Wathen, and Waite Bought new, in good condition. No marks or highlight […]

Organizational Behaviour _ Photo1 2

Organizational Behaviour: Concepts, Controversies, Applications (7th Canadian Ed.) by Langton, Robbins, and Judge Bought new and barely used with no marks on outside cover. Text […]

Society (Custom Ed. for NC) _ Photo1 2


Society: The Basics

Array September 13, 2018 318 total views, 0 today

Society: The Basics (Custom Edition for Niagara College) by Macionis, Jansson, and Benoit Textbook in very good condition. No marks or highlights inside book. Best […]

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting _ Photo1 2


Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (4th Ed)

Array September 12, 2018 355 total views, 1 today

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (4th Canadian Ed.) by Philips, Libby, Libby, and Mackintosh Perfect brand new condition STILL IN WRAPPER textbook with online Connect. Best […]

Global (Student Edition) _ Photo1 2


Global (Student Edition)

Array September 12, 2018 363 total views, 2 today

Global : Student Edition by Mike Peng In very good condition WITH unused Online Access card. No marks or highlights in textbook. Best offer.

Mathematics of Business and Finance _ Photo1 2


Mathematics of Business and Finance

Array September 12, 2018 349 total views, 0 today

Mathematics of Business and Finance (Custom Edition 1 for Niagara College) by Daisley, Kugathasan, and Huysmans In very good condition. No marks or highlight in […]

People, Politics, and Government_Photo1 2

People, Politics, and Government: A Canadian Perspective (7th Ed.) by James John Guy Textbook in near perfect brand new condition. No notes written or text […]